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Music Boy 3D is a rhythm-based 3D runner game with the unique webcam head tracking technology. This game is distinguished by the accuracy and interactivity of sound.

Short story:

In a dystopian city of the future, lives a superhero - Music Boy. 
The only way to save the residents and the city is to play a bouncing music.

Game features:

  • 1. Press the buttons to the rhythm of the song
    This is just so fun!
  • 2. Accuracy
    The game uses MBOY rhythm maps. This ensures accuracy and a perfect hit of the notes in the rhythm.
  • 3. Built-in editor
    The game has an editor for creating MBOY rhythm maps. This allows you to create custom tracks and use your own music for it. The editor supports MP3, OGG and WAV audio file formats.
  • 4. Random generation
    The environment and music notes are randomly generated, each time the level looks different.
  • 5. Head tracking
    The game uses a webcam to track the head movements. You can move the head to the beat of the music during the game and receive extra points. 
  • 6. Slow motion
    You are allowed to slow down the time to be more precise and collect more notes.
  • 7. Different game modes
    Different mode offers a different camera position – back, top and front. Choose the mode that best suits the music.
  • 8. Any genre of music
    The game contains and supports tracks in different genres such as Rock, Electronic, Pop, and others.
  • 9. Game controllers support

Available tracks:

  • Michett - Snackmix | Industrial
  • Zep Hurme Ft. Donnie Ozone - City Life | Rock
  • Vantage600 - F*KING BOUNCE | Electronic
  • Michett - Atmo | Chill-out
  • TeknoAXE - Doc Holiday's Gun Show | Metal

Demo limitations:

  • The editor is not included
  • Tracks import is disabled
  • Only 5 tracks are available

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Install instructions

Unzip an run MB3D file


win_demo_build_v1.2.zip 109 MB
mac_demo_build_v1.2.zip 136 MB
linux_demo_build_v1.2.zip 121 MB

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